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Wifi, EMF, Glutamate & Inflammation

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

With WIFI and EMF exposure difficult to escape in most living situations, addressing this issue in hypersensitive children can be tricky.

I had a screening feedback session with a client in Scandanavia who lives in an apartment where wifi contamination from other flats is impossible to avoid. Her son's screening results clearly showed that EMF 'toxicity' or 'sensitivity' was an important factor for him.

This is an important issue in the ASD world, because EMFs have been shown to influence Calcium ion release, increasing the intracellular levels of calcium by triggering N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors, which are essentially glutamate receptor. High levels of calcium ion influx and glutamate in the already inflammed brain tissue of children on the spectrum is not a good mix.

The significance of EMF as an environmental stressor was echoed in the other screening results: Neurotransmitter imbalance, namely Acetylcholine Chloride, Glutamate, GABA, Dopamine, Histamine, sensitivity to high glutamate foods (some of these will surprise you if you aren't aware of them, such as sweetcorn, peas, parmesan, mushrooms, yeasts and whet - I always know to be aware for glutamate balance issues when I see parmesan or peas testing as Food Sensitivities!). His metabolic profile showed anabolic imbalance: his system was overstimulated, 'wired and tired' and not able to spend enough time in the rest and recuperate metabolic state of anabolism, which is where children need to be alot of the time to support their rapidly growing bodies.

HIs blood sugar stability was also indicated as problematic, with pancreatic support and the mineral chromium strongly indicated in therapeutic factors - blood sugar spikes are another trigger for glutamate surges in the brain.

In short, given his metabolic profile, this little one was living in an environment where it is difficult for him to be heal.

His mother was already aware of this, reporting that he is much happier, has less OCD and rigid behaviours and is more engaged and able to point and interact with his environment more when they are in the forests around their town, away from EMF pollution. Short of moving out of their apartment complex however (which they plan to do next year) what do you do to help mitigate the effects of EMF on these sensitive children with their sensitive nervous systems?

  • Regulate Glutamate surges. As mentioned above, identify high glutamate foods in particular ones eaten frequently or those that the child may be particularly reactive too.

  • Stabilise blood sugar

  • Run a nutrient panel and assess for depletion of GABA supporting nutrients or those that help to build healthy cellular membranes. This body showed deficiency of essential fatty acids, and these together with Phosphatidyl choline were added to his protocol to help stabilise and reduce cellular hypersensitivity

  • Earthing - this mom was already onto this. She had been using an earthing mat under her son's bed sheets for 2 weeks by the time we spoke and has already seen gains in focus, language attempts and reduced OCD behaviour. This is well worth looking into if you feel your child may be being exposed to EMFs or have high sensitivity to EMFs.

  • Reduce stress where possible - this will contribute to blood sugar imbalance and glutamate surges.

BioResonance screening was helpful for both identifying and confirming the significance of this stress factor and identifying key areas of strengthening the boy's system to reduce sensitivity and the stress that exposure may cause. However there are many practical ways to start supporting your child if you are concerned about EMF and its effects.

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