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About Lois


Like many practitioners, my introduction to naturopathic medicine and healing came through personal experience and watching a family member suffer and then find well-being again through a natural approach to health. 


I was introduced to Homeopathy and Bio-Resonance Therapy nearly 20 years ago, when my father had been suffering with poor health and  significant pain for well over a year.  He had had little success via the medical route in finding either an explanation or any treatment for his symptoms, and was told by various sources that he consulted that this was just 'the ageing process'.  By chance he visited a homeopathic dentist who used a Bio-Resonance machine to assess him and his results indicated resonances related to the bacteria that caused Lyme Disease, as well as underlying toxicity that had caused his susceptibility.  He was given treatment by the machine and other targeted support measures by this wonderful holistic dentist for this infection and was 90% improved within 3 weeks, having resigned himself to a slow decline of health and life quality prior to this treatment. 

This was life-changing and eye-opening on many fronts.  It opened a door to re-evaluating the limitations of modern medicine, and the value of continuing to question 'why?' we are experiencing symptoms.  We may never find the answer, but in continuing to search, we acknowledge that our health is a process that we can work with, take more responsibility for, potentially affect in a positive way and hopefully change or improve.   Even more fascinating for me was coming to understand that symptoms are not just a discomfort and burden, but that they are the intimate language of the body. That beyond a diagnosis, they can guide us to dysfunction, and possibly a way to understand and work with that dysfunction.

This early health experience also forced a re-evaluation of the paradigm of modern health care and philosophy, and this served me well in seeking out my own way back to health when I experienced adversity a couple of years later following anti-biotic treatment which caused me several years of severe symptoms before I found resolution with homeopathic treatment. 

We are blessed to live in the age of modern medicine and all of the wonders of repair and treatment that it offers us.  But it is a paradigm, a model of thought, and it has limitations.  If we come to the borders of those limitations, we are well served by seeking out another paradigm that may offer us a different outlook, insight and understanding that offers a way forwards, rather than a dead end.

Autism is a complex and multifactorial condition. It can present differently in every patient and have entirely different contributing factors and comorbidities.  Understanding the individual picture of dysfunction is at the heart of natural medicine. I think this is a key factor to why Homeopathy is able to help so many people on the autistic spectrum, because it pays such acute attention to the unique symptom set of each patient.

It has been my experience that children can make great steps with homeopathic treatment and nutritional and naturopathic interventions that are targeted to the individual needs of the child.  In practice I have seen it successfully help to address symptoms of hyperactivity and aggression, language delay, social engagement, sleep disturbance, eye contact, gastro-intestinal issues and dietary restriction and sensitivity, anxiety and OCD, agitation, stimming and screaming. 

I am passionate about letting people know that their child’s circumstances and life quality can be improved, and together with it, that of the whole family.

I have been in general homeopathic practice for 16 years and working with children’s health and supporting families with children on the autistic spectrum for over a decade.  I have been using Bio-Resonance treatment for nearly a decade to help patients understand the imbalance and environmental factors that contribute to their symptoms.  I lecture internationally on Bio-Resonance and its clinical use.  To further understand the internal dynamics and structure of the brain and its surrounding tissues I also trained as a Cranio-Sacral Therapist and taught at the College of Cranio-Sacral therapy in London for many years.

Having my eyes forced open to see health in a different light changed mine and my family's life and I find great joy in supporting others to discover if a similar exploration of health and well-being can show that there is in fact a path, beyond what appeared to be a dead end.


About Angela


Angela has been practicing functional medicine and naturopathy since before these 2 phrases were coined. After her mother was given a terminal cancer diagnosis when Angela was in her 20’s she started tirelessly researching holistic and natural ways to support her.  Her research led her to the Gerson diet and the power of food used as medicine.  Her mother went into remission with a rigorously supported natural healing protocol that involved dietary intervention, lifestyle and nutritional supplementation with the guidance of a wonderful doctor who worked with natural health.  


For Angela the research never stopped and she has applied her vast knowledge in clinical practice as a qualified homeopath and naturopathic nutritionist for many years.  She uses Bio-Resonance Screening alongside her clinical experience in practice.

She has specialises in gastro-intestinal issues, detoxification support and thyroid health for many years and brings a wealth of knowledge to the clinic, with detailed understanding of dietary support, environmental factors and nutritional medicine.

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