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Advanced Testing Technology


We use advanced health screening technology to find the root causes of health problems, to help you understand the triggers behind symptoms and to put together powerful treatment programs to resolve them, one by one.


Autism is a multifactorial condition. It has many manifestations and potential contributing causes.  Effective treatment needs to understand what a child's symptom picture tells us and the system dysfunction that lies beneath.  This can be completely different in each patient.


The screening we use provides insight regarding nutrient balance, toxicity stress, metabolic patterns, parasite and yeast overload, environmental and food allergens, detoxification ability, and other health patterns, with particular focus on those known to be significant to the pathology of autism.  

No other technology is currently able to provide insightful data from multiple areas of the body, that is as fast, wide-ranging, un-intrusive and economical.  To help those on the spectrum, you must see the person beyond the diagnosis.  Our screening program is a cornerstone of our treatment philosophy of highly individualised medicine.  It contributes significantly to a deeper understanding of the individual’s picture of autism, helping us address and remove the blocks to health and healing.

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Natural Healing Strategies


Symptoms are the body's language. They are an external sign of imbalance deep within the body's systems that can guide us to the fundamental causes of ill-health.

Every person's individual symptoms need to be carefully listened to and understood to work towards cure. There is no 'one-size fits all' treatment plan because even small differentiations in behaviour, developmental delay or physical disturbances show us the subtle individuation of what is blocking the patient's health. Spending time getting to know the specifics of the picture is probably the most important part of our work. 


Screening data is further used to clarify the picture, and gain further insight into which metabolic disruptions are at work.  Treatment involves homeopathic protocols, nutritional and dietary interventions and herbal medicines where appropriate.

A systems biological approach used for B



Homeopathy is a fundamental aspect of the treatment process.  During treatment courses I have seen patients experience huge developmental leaps, improved sleep patterns, digestive regulation, increased food selection, reduced aggression and more social interaction including affection, eye contact and actively seeking out and enjoying company.  Learning and cognitive abilities improve and ATEC scores reduce. 


It is one of the most highly individualised forms of medicine and it has a wonderful track record of producing lasting, deep and potentially dramatic improvements in patients with ASD, and in my experience, this reputation is well deserved.  It should be part of the treatment program for all children on the spectrum.


Its gentleness is well suited to the highly sensitive systems of those on the spectrum, and it is able to work at a very deep level to  address dysfunction at its roots, moving the body back towards a fundamental state of good health and vitality that is lasting and permanent.

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Natural Healing Strategies

Bio-Resonance Screening


The screening technology we use is called Bio-Resonance therapy.  Bio-Resonance machines map patterns of dysfunction in the body.  Their great strength is that they can test multiple different systems, stressors and supplements at the same time.  This can provide a valuable overview and insight into fundamental health issues and blockages to cure that may be preventing improvement.

The screening process provides information about functional disturbances in multiple systems that are relevant to ASD and many other health conditions. These include:

Nutrient imbalance and deficiency
Toxic disturbance
Bacterial, viral and fungal stressors and dysbiosis
Neurotransmitter and hormonal imbalance
Food and Phenol Intolerance
Environmental Sensitivity
Oxidative Stress

Bio-Resonance Screening is gentle, non-invasive and comprehensive. It is a powerful tool for understanding the unique profile of needs of each patient we treat.

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Bio-Resonance Screening

Naturopathic Nutrition and Autism


Naturopathic nutrition is part of our integrated approach to dig deep into the cause of imbalance and find the best tools to address it.  

Dietary intervention is fundamental for healing to occur. Diet has a significant impact on symptoms for most of patients we see.  Naturopathic treatment extends beyond diet and may include supplement programs to address dysbiosis, improve nutrient levels and absorption to and heal struggling detoxification and drainage systems in the body.  

In our clinic, our focus is always about finding and understanding the cause of imbalance to achieve wellness.  Treating symptoms without understanding and resolving the underlying problem just perpetuates illness and dysfunction.  By finding the connections between lifestyle, mind, body and story, it is possible to correct the causes of disease and imbalance, step by step.

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