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A Quiet Revolution: New Treatment Strategies for ASD and ADHD

Recently I've recently joined forces with a wonderful colleague Eileen Conneely, who is a specialist in supporting children with ADHD. There is a quiet revolution occurring in the naturopathic and homeopathic world that is reshaping how we approach our treatment approach of complex cases.

This revolution in treatment is being shaped by the way the modern world is reshaping and in too many cases, harming us and our children. It is a direct response to what we see affecting our patients and impeding improvement and healing. It is bringing successes and gains where previously, forward movement was very hard won.

We will continue to share information about how we work on our blogs, and also on our facebook group ADHD & ASD Homeopathy Support, where we will be discussing the ideas, approaches, and treatment strategies we are using to help children with ADHD and/or on the autistic spectrum.

I am excited about our work. These new approaches have been changing the way we work, in particular with children and adults affected by ADHD and Autism.

Complex conditions or ‘complex children’ are a result of complex environments. Research is increasingly backing this up by illustrating how the demands and upsets faced by us and our children in the modern world are creating internal dysfunctions and patterns of ill health that are different to those of even 30 or 40 years ago.

Any system of medicine that hopes to address these dysfunctions needs to both understand what they are, why they occur, and then evolve to be able to meet the challenge they present.

We are using all the tools available to us to rise to this challenge.

First, we follow the research.

Where we are in understanding these conditions from a genetic, metabolic, toxic, nutritional, somatic perspective come along enormously in the last 10 years. This is gives us an ever increasing advantage of understanding the internal patterns and dynamics of dysfunction involved in ADHD and ASD.

Secondly, we want to combine this with data and specific testing for each individual so that we can understand the dynamics of dysfunction that might be present and affecting them, with the insight of as much relevant data as possible. This could be via OAT tests, Stool analysis, Genetic testing, Hair mineral analysis or other tests. I use Bio-resonance testing either by itself or alongside the above. I think good Bio-resonance screening is a bit of an art form and that it takes work and experience to use these machines well, with integrity and to use them safely, but they are high value data sources. I find them a fantastic tool for providing insight, both on specific patterns of dysfunction at work in the patient and for direction on how to address them. More on this in future posts.

Lastly, we use case history to get that unique homeopathic and naturopathic insight about what is particular to this child or individual. And I think that deep and extensive case taking is really homeopathy’s quiet super power, where it stands far apart in the crowd in its ability to offer individualised medicine.

Because ‘spectrum’ means exactly that. The individual fingerprint of symptom and health pattern stems from a variety of triggers and causes. Without seeing the subtlety of how a condition manifests, any tools we use to support are blunted.

What we strive to do is to combine this depth of seeing the individual and set it within the background of client specific data and an understanding of where the scientific research is guiding us to focus our tools and interventions.

And this is exciting. Actually it's thrilling. This approach is giving breakthroughs. It’s a meeting of worlds and hopefully harnessing the strengths from each to offer a targeted and powerful approach to help these children live happier, healthier lives.

We will be sharing a lot more about this approach with you in the coming weeks and months, but please feel free to message us with questions, check out some of our blogs where we have already shared some of our ideas and work, or book in for a chat.

Eileen can be contacted on

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