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Bio-Resonance Consultations


Initial Consultation

Bio-Resonance Consultations happen in two stages. The first meeting is a full case history and takes place prior to screening.  If the Integrated treatment program is being followed, this will be tied with the Initial Homeopathic consultation. It takes about 90 mins, but may take a bit longer where necessary.


Consultation Focus

A full health history is covered, including medical history, childhood health, major life events and traumas,  This is taken together with a detailed symptom picture.


Screening and Report Preparations

A full screening assessment is carried out, either in person in clinic, or remotely via hair sample.  A comprehensive report is prepared, covering key areas of dysfunction indicated in results, specific sensitivities or toxic burden, and support supplements or dietary guidelines indicated.  


Follow up Consultations and Protocol

The report is sent within 1-2 weeks of the first consultation. Remote screenings will then schedule a follow up appointment to go over screening results, discuss the recommended protocol and answer questions.

Follow up screenings are recommended every 4 to 6 months depending on the patient in order to assess progress, treatment focus, and to update protocol and dietary recommendations.


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