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Supporting Healthy Sleep, Insomnia and Restless nights in ADHD & ASD

This article highlights some of the key homeopathic remedies that can be used at home for sleeping issues for children and adults with ADHD and ASD, and indeed anyone having challenges with getting healthy and restful sleep. A description of how to give the remedies is at the end of the article.

Disturbed sleep is a particularly painful symptom in the terrain of ADHD and ASD, as it is indeed for everyone, but it is particularly difficult knowing that the brain and nervous system of a child experiencing these symptoms is so very much in need of the restorative and healing power of sleep, so to see it be so elusive in those who so need it can be extremely difficult, so say nothing of the disturbance that sleepless nights and restless sleep can mean for the rest of the family.


In the process of homeopathic treatment, improved sleep is one of the 'flags' that we look out for, a sign that the body is moving back towards balance and healthy function. It is often one of the first things to change, even when other symptoms may seem to be holding firm, and it is a sign to us that a remedy or protocol is doing the good work and to hold steady. However one of the wonderful things about homeopathy is that it is deeply effective and deeply curative, but it is so very safe, and there are remedies that can be tried at home, including those that would make a helpful



There are many remedies that can be used for this, and I have listed some of the first line acute support remedies that you could try yourself in the infographic up above. Depending on the extent of the insomnia, a 30c or 200c is a good place to start (30c for less serious cases, 200C may work better if sleep is seriously disturbed and restlessness levels are sky high), taken 1 hour before bed, repeat again at bed time and then every 30mins or so until sleep (hopefully you won't need too many doses after the first 2!). These may not be the right remedy for yourself and your child, but they have been helped countless people to improve their sleep, have no side effects, and can be so supportive. If you find these don't quite do it, it may be helpful to work deeper with a homeopath, because sleep can absolutely improve, as can a huge number of issues, and a better quality of sleep, and easier falling into sleep can be one of the very first things that comes good in a treatment process.

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