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Complete Assessment

Save £65 when homeopathy, bio-resonance screening and naturopathic nutrition sessions are booked together.

Treatment Process includes: 3 separate consultations/screening process and report/feedback sessions.  Treatment Protocol includes:1 detailed individualised homeopathic prescription, initial bio-resonance screening analysis and report, naturopathic nutrition session with diet plan, nutritional support and supplements where necessary to address system dysfunctions.

•  Initial homeopathic consultation: around 90-120 mins. First homeopathic prescription.  Long term treatment plan integrating Bio-Resonance Screening Results.

•  Bio-resonance analysis: via hair sample or at clinic location.  Screening process takes 1-2 weeks. A detailed report is sent via email. The report includes feedback of health and systemic dysfunction indicated in results, food and environmental sensitivities, toxin stress, nutritional imbalance, infectious agents, liver detoxification support measures, neurotransmitter and hormone imbalance, potential indicators of Lyme disease and Streptococcal pathogens.

•  Second online consultation takes place following the preparation of the report to discuss results, the recommended protocol and answer questions.  45 - 60 mins.  Results are integrated into homeopathic treatment and nutritional plan.

•  Naturopathic nutrition first consult.  90 mins.  This takes place after initial homeopathic and screening assessments.  Consultation will entail a detailed discussion of eating habits, diet and symptom picture. Treatment program will be sent out following the consultation and covers a dietary plan based on symptoms, sensitivity profile, detoxification and digestive health and neurological support.  Recipe and meal plan guidelines may also be included.

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